King: the Martyr and Human

Martin Luther King, Jr. was arguably the most publicized civil rights leader in the 20th century, but somehow, I have never come across this image until now. As recipients of history, we see the images of King addressing the masses in Washington, D.C. or locking arms with other leaders in a march. We see him […]

Rev. King

I found this picture of Martin Luther King, Jr after a pretty quick google search. I chose it because it shows a side of him not always in the media or history spotlight. MLK was a brilliant orator, activist, and a hero. But I think first and foremost he was minister. His non-violent strategies and […]

Ireland & The U.S. South

“A very old place” That is how Kieran Quinlan describes both Ireland and the southern part of the United States. I just find it interesting. Old not as in dates, but old as in thinking; old as in the mindset. If there is one thing that I have noticed about the South, it’s that they […]

John Wesley Dobbs and “Complete History”

Throughout the semester, different texts and materials beckoned me to explore Atlanta’s involvement with civil and human rights, mostly from the vantage point of the literature surrounding it. My Southern Literature professor prompted her students to seek out public art that displays some kind of Atlanta memory, which perfectly complements the nature of this post. […]


I really enjoyed reading this article. I’ve thought a lot about the white washing of Martin Luther King, Jr’s legacy. Though, I do wonder about the term whitewashing used in this way. I’ve also heard that used in reference to white people playing not-white people in movies. Regardless, I can remember reading about MLK as […]

Black and British

In the first episode of Black and British: A Forgotten History, the true past of Britain and some of its first black settlers is revealed and honored. From Beachy Head Lady, Francis Barber, to John Blanke, David Olusoga takes the audience on a tour throughout Britain and Ghana to remember the forgotten past of the […]

Erasure and Power

The United States and England share a complex history that involves embracing the several cultures within them while simultaneously attempting to erase those same cultures when it is most convenient. Some feel that complete integration is needed while others think it is more important to embrace the large immigrant community. In the BBC series there […]

Public Re-Memory

Honestly, I think the most surprising thing to me was also the most surprising to the historian David Olusoga as he began this research. To think that black history in Britain goes back 1800 years is pretty astonishing. To be honest, I haven’t ever really thought about the existence of black people in other countries. […]

Ireland and the American South

In Kieran Quinlan’s “Introduction” to Strange Kin: Ireland and the American South, Quinlan explores the kinship between Ireland and the U.S.’s south. Many of the ideas Quinlan expresses are also heard in the interview with Gavan Lennon. Lennon says the American perception of the South is that it’s the “container” “where all the bad stuff […]

The Forgotten Black Britain

Beyond the American Revolution and the Pilgrims voyage to America, British History is wildly untaught in the United States. Nevertheless, England and her history have always conjured lily-white images of rivalries, monarchs, and colonization. Therefore, learning the story of Francis Barber was an interesting spin on my previous notions. Formerly enslaved in Jamaica, Barber was […]

Ireland and the South

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Quinlan and listening to Gavan Lennon about the various links between Ireland and the southern United States. I’ve been a part of this link my whole life without ever naming it or being aware that it was something outside of my own experience. I remember as a child my fascination with […]

The Parallels of Ireland and the U.S. South

Kieran Quinlan’s introduction, in conjunction with Gavan Lennon’s podcast appearance, delves into the complex parallels between Ireland and the U.S. South. Beginning with Quinlan’s book Strange Kin: Ireland & the American, we’re introduced to the unique connection Ireland and the Southern states in America share due to their historical similarities, while also elaborating on their […]

Understanding Ireland’s Connection with the U.S. South

In the exploration of understanding Irish, English, and American South connections, we dove into writings by Kieran Quinlan and a podcast with Gavan Lennon. In his book Strange Kin: Ireland and the American South, Kieran Quinlan dissects fascinating comparisons and contrasts between large cultural and historical implications for Ireland and the U.S. South. Quinlan chiefly […]