Imagining King

For this last post, we will read several sermons from late in King’s life and consider how these items from the late 1960s may complicate, nuance, or challenge some of the ways that King has been remembered in public memory since that time. We will also hear from Brian Ward about King’s 1967 visit to […]

Public Re-Memory

For your fourth post, we’re re-examining British history and public memory through a careful examination of the intersection between Black identity and British identity. Together, our readings and viewings will help us think through the complex relationships of race and nation in historical and contemporary moments. We will also consider how the public memory of […]

Ireland & the U.S. South

For your third blog post, we’re exploring the relationship between Ireland, the UK, and the U.S. South.  Reading: Quinlan, Kieran. “Introduction.” Strange Kin: Ireland & the American South. LSU Press, 2005. Listening: “North & South Elsewhere,” About South Podcast. Frederick Douglass writes in his Narrative: “I went one day down on the wharf of Mr. […]

Picturing Douglass

This week we’re reading Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. Watch: Supplementary Reading 1: Read and examine the images in Appendix A (page 173-184) on the European editions of Douglass’s narratives Supplementary Reading 2 (select one): Read any one of the Douglass letters written from Scotland in Appendix B Read Item 10 in Appendix […]

William Wells Brown & Clotel

This week we’re reading William Wells Brown’s Clotel. Supplementary Reading (select one): “Clotel,” Hereford Times (17 December 1853) — Starts on page 215 “W.W. Brown’s New Work,” National Anti-Slavery Standard 31 December 1853 (Review republished from the London Eastern Star) — Starts on page 218 “Clotel” Anti-Slavery Advocate 2 (January 1854) — Starts on page […]