Picturing Douglass

When thinking back to when slavery was prominent in the U.S. , one’s self “image” is something that doesn’t ever come to mind. When someone is thinking of all the horrors and suffering that was happening, I feel a person wouldn’t have time to think of this.  Frederick Douglass did, however, think of his personal […]

The Role of England in Clotel

England plays multiple roles in Clotel The most important role would be a “mother.” When I say, mother, I mean as in England created (birthed) America. Even before America was America it referred to England as like a mother. This can be seen in Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” insinuating England as a mother.  The reason this “mother” […]

Imagining King

The picture above is from the Landmark Commencement Address at City College of New York. This is MLK standing next to President Buell Gallagher of CUNY. I chose this image because, I think it shows two people black and white both as accomplished students, nothing more, and nothing less. I like the simplicity in it. […]

Ireland & The U.S. South

“A very old place” That is how Kieran Quinlan describes both Ireland and the southern part of the United States. I just find it interesting. Old not as in dates, but old as in thinking; old as in the mindset. If there is one thing that I have noticed about the South, it’s that they […]