Atlanta and the Past

In my many years at Georgia State I have been at war with parking. I somehow always managed to be too late to sign up for any sort of prime parking spot on campus, yet always refused to ever pay for any sort of conventional campus parking on the terms that I was already paying […]


In the postcolonial world where the history is presented from a white point of view, it is easy to forget that cultures mixing is not a recent history. This white-washing of history leads us to overlook major accomplishments and historical context of all cultures. While watching the BBC documentary Black and British  I found myself saying […]

Beyond O’hara: Irish Identity in the South

In Strange Kin Kieran Quinlan explores the relationship between Ireland and the American South. Many, such as my self, automatically jump to Scarlett O’hara in Gone With the Wind or find trouble associating the two regions when asked to find such similarities. Quinlan opens by exploring the negative perception of southern states to the world by recounting his […]