Java Monkey & Fountainhead

Yesterday Shane, Deborah, Anne and Valerie met at Java Monkey. A couple of you expressed your regrets that you couldn’t attend the meeting. We missed you a lot. But the upside is that there was more room on the table for my salad. So that’s good.

We covered a lot of really exciting stuff. I’ll include the minutes here.

Minutes–May 16 NV Meeting

Let me give you a little background, if you will – and I’ll post a photo or two of what we’ve discussed.

So about a week or so ago, I got an email from Matt saying that we need to spend the remainder of our fiscal budget before the next meeting (that was the one that occurred yesterday). So of course, I was like, “I’m on it.” Fortunately for me, Deborah was the biggest asset in the whole of the New Voices universe, and she jumped right on obtaining bags and all that from the King of Screen, who we used last year. She also got full permission for us to use the little green monster from the oatmeal. You’ll see him when we publish the final CFP.

So a bunch of emails went around to those of you who wished to participate in selecting the bag design and logo. The final count was 84 emails, in case anyone was curious. But we decided.

Here is a mock-up of what the bags will look like:

I think it’s going to be really cute.

I also went ahead and ordered a bunch of pens with our new logo on it. The logo ended up looking like this:

It’s super simple, and will hopefully last. Though new years of New Voices committees are more than welcome to overhaul it. But the pens will pretty much match the bags. But they will be black and white with green writing.

So we took care of the fiscal budget that way. Today I turn in the paperwork to Marta who was AMAZING and gave us an extra day to get it all done.

Further, Shane filled out the paperwork for the rooms in the Union.  — the day I got the news we had to spend this money FAST, I was fortunately meeting with both Shane and Deborah to check out Student Union rooms. Deborah (again being amazing) said that the rooms on the 4th floor of the University Union are really professional looking and would be excellent for our conference. And she was right! AND… these rooms are available for the dates on which we would like to hold the conference! It’s like a dream come true.

So the next thing that is happening is that Shane and I will be solidifying the CFP, running it by Schmidt for approval, and getting a signature on the room request form so we can get the rooms for sure.


We also met with the rep from Fountainhead Press, Mark Price – really nice guy. He is excited to be involved with the conference. He also offered to demo the book that is coming out, which you can read about on this PDF –

Or if you want, you can even read the Introduction –

Further, Mark wants to make our promo posters for us, fliers, and things like that. It’s going to be very cool and very professional looking. Pretty much, if I got any more excited about working with Fountainhead, I might explode into cheesey rays of sunshine. Sunshine all over the walls and stuff.

So that’s it for now.

VERY soon, like in less than a week, probably, we’ll have the first round of CFP’s up and ready for your viewing and preparation.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the minutes, or anything else. Or if you just want to get involved.



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