Conference Day 1 + Program

In all the chaos of pulling off the conference, we seem to have neglected the blog posts, and for that we apologize.

Today was the conference kick-off and it went really well. Thanks to Dr. Nathan Atkinson, Dr. Ashley Holmes, and Dr. Mark Noble for presenting their work to us this afternoon. It was thought provoking, interesting, and pretty fun too. And thank you to every one who attended. Thankfully we didn’t run out of coffee.

Conference Kick-off

University Center – Room 460/65

GSU Faculty Research Roundtable


Dr. Nate Atkinson, Department of Communication

“Action Comics” 101: How to Film an Atomic Bomb”

Dr. Ashley Holmes, Department of English

“Monsters, Villains, and Aberrations” Beyond the Classroom: The Risks and Rewards of Going Public with Pedagogy  

Dr. Mark Noble, Department of English

“How to Read a Doppelganger: or, Getting to Know Your Gothic Self”

Panels begin tomorrow morning at 9AM and we would love to see you all there. In order to plan which you would like to attend, please refer to our program below. We will have plenty to hand out when you go to room 460 to register. In the meantime, don’t let the weather get you down, and remember to bring gloves.

New Voices Panel Schedule

If you have any last minute questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

We hope to see you there!

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Bake Sale – NO NUTS!

Next week is the New Voices annual bake sale – get ready… it’s candy season.

In the spirit of this supernatural holiday… I already know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “How can I be involved?”

Check out this flier:

You may have seen the flier up in the copy room or in the Writing Studio. You would have to write down the URL to sign up for baking or table manning (or womanning). If writing down URLs to lose later is not your bag, you can just click this link:

And zowey! You’re helping!

So… let’s say baking is not your thing, and you don’t really have time to man a table. Come by the table and buy a treat! Send your students by! Tell your classes!

We appreciate any support you can give. Please come out and share the sugar-love.

See you there!

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Everybody Loves Cake

Hey New Voices blog readers!
Our last meeting was a success – we got two new faces wanting to help out. Thanks Zack and Laurie!

A couple of things you might need/want to know:

We are going to have a cake raffle on what is now called Patriot Day – you may all know it as 9/11. It will be held all day on the 9th floor of GCB and we  will be raffling off a red/white/blue patriotic cake. So come buy and see us, purchase a ticket, and support New Voices.

Also, we will be holding the annual bake sale the week before Halloween. It will follow our monsters theme. We will be having it 4 days in a row October 22nd – 25th in the courtyard in front of the library. If you want to bake for us… WE NEED YOU!!

If you want to help, or bake, or anything – please come to our next meeting on Wednesday September 19th @ 4PM in Troy Moore Library.


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Call For Papers Round 1 – Fight!

This is the first CFP for next year’s conference, which will come up faster than any of us can probably imagine.

While I know that is difficult to see, and it’s not the whole thing, I am also attaching the CFP in both PDF and Word formats for your viewing pleasure:

New Voices Conference CFP

New Voices Conference CFP

So there you have it – if you have any questions, please direct them to the contact address on the CFP. You will also, very soon, find a copy of this very same document on the UPenn CFP cite, as well as (for all GSU GTA’s) in your mailbox.

I hope you all feel the draw to participate, even if it’s just showing up to show your support.

Spread the word – we’ll see you either at the next meeting, or in January!






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End of the Year Post

If you’re at all like me, you’re probably worried about the hair you’re losing or the wrinkles that feel like they’re setting in. Or how about those extra paper pounds? You know, the ones you gain while you eat ramen in the wee hours of the morning as you try and squeeze just one more sentence out?

But it’s almost over.

Almost everyone’s papers are due today or tomorrow – Grades are due the 2nd – it’s all coming to a head.

And there is light at the end of the tunnel.


In light of this (pun intended) – we have scheduled the next New Voices meeting. If you attended the last one, you already know about it. But just in case, here is the info:

New Voices Meeting – May 1st, Tuesday – 5PM – Troy Moore Library

Afterward, we will be going to Leon’s for the first annual Ex Post Facto party!

Here is the link for the event: Ex Post Facto

I hope you can all come.

With that, I’ll leave you with some exciting news – we have an official co-chair team and some brand new board members!


Shane McGowan & Valerie Robin

Financial & Hospitality:

Deborah Cruz

PR Person:

Andy Fentem

And we still need someone who wants to be in charge of volunteers when it gets closer to January, and anyone who wants to help with planning, or representing us when one of us can’t. It would also REALLY help if we had anyone who has printing hookups, or hookups at any local venues who could donate ideas or services.

Please let us know if you are interested in getting involved. Our email is up and running:

I will create the ABOUT page with all that on it… well… now.

Good luck with your end of the year!



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