Spring 2014 Fundraising Meeting (Part 2)

New Voices is happy to announce that our Spring 2014 Fundraising event will be a kickball game! We are currently in the planning stages for this event and would like to hear from you in our preparations. To help gather your feedback, we have created a Google doc for comments, discussion, and suggestions regarding the planning of this event.

To gain access to this document, please follow the link for the Spring 2014 Kickball Planning document. Here, you will be prompted to request access to the document, which one of the New Voices staff will be happy to address. You can also request access by sending us an e-mail. Once you have been granted access, feel free to suggest ideas, add comments, or discuss details regarding the planning of this event. We will hold another formal discussion about this event and the contents within the document at the next meeting.

Please be sure to check back often for more updates regarding New Voices. We look forward to hearing from you!

Posted March 18, 2014 by Jennifer Olive in category Uncategorized