ThermolynNANOpure UV/UF Ultrapure

Located in PSC 865

Instructions for use are posted by water unit as well as the purity and application information.

  • Nanopure Life Science UV/UF
    • For the most demanding molecular biology applications including PCR, electrophoresis, cell and tissue culture
    • Includes latest advances in ion exchange and filtration technologies as well as dual-wavelength UV bulb and ultrafilter
    • The only validated water system with the ability to remove nucleases such as RNase and DNase, as well as DNA, from challenged feedwater
    • Includes automatic cleaning and automatic and manual ultrafilter flushing
    • Produces 0.53 gal./min. (2L/min.) ultrapure water containing <0.001 EU/mL of pyrogens, 0.01 CFU/mL bacteria, <0.003ng/mL RNase, <0.4pg/┬ÁL DNase, TOC values 1-5ppb, and resistivities up to 18.2MW-cm
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