May 10

My Teaching Portfolio

Hello! I am Namrata Dey Roy. This is my digital teaching portfolio. Thank you for visiting my site. Here, you will get all the information about my teaching philosophy, courses I taught, syllabi and also my research interests.

About Me

I am a Marion Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Literature, Media and Communication of Georgia Tech. I completed my doctoral degree from the Department of English of Georgia State University. My research is based on postcolonial studies and the main focus of my doctoral dissertation is on postcolonial Anglophone writers’ approach towards linguistic marginalization in the contemporary multilingual, globalized world.  Discussing this, my dissertation”From ‘speaking for’ to ‘speaking with’: Articulation and Representation in Multilingual South Africa” I tried to further the language debate of Postcolonial studies and resolve the issue of representation. I completed my Master’s degree from the University of Calcutta (India) and my M.Phil with a thesis (Incorporation of Hindu myths in western children’s literature: particularly focusing on Harry Potter series) from Rabindra Bharati University (India). Before coming to the US, I used to work as a permanent lecturer of English Literature at Susil Kar College in Kolkata, India. Besides, I taught as a guest lecturer at Vivekananda College. During the twelve years of my teaching career, I have taught multilingual, multicultural, and diverse student communities. This has helped me to think deeply about the curricula and pedagogy that engage students in understanding and embracing socio-cultural diversity and multilingualism.

My curriculum vitae

Here, you can find my detailed work experience, education, conference and seminar presentations, and publications.