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Artifact 6: The Human Artifact

Kennyara Zephyr is a junior at Georgia State University, and is a Hospitality major at the College of Business. She has completed three internships while at the school, but chose to work with Special Events at the Tabernacle because it interested her. Beneath the main entrance of the venue, past a short flight of stairs,…

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Artifact 5: Staircase

Each of the four levels of the Tabernacle is connected by a staircase, with original banisters and some original flooring. The banisters exhibit some detail, the handrail and lower beams connected by small columns of carved wood. The wood is smooth and fitted with the indentions of decades of handgrips. On this particular level, the…

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Artifact 4: Chairs

These chairs occupy the furthest rows of the highest balcony in the Tabernacle, any view of the stage adulterated by the incline of the balcony and the low ceiling at its front. They are not original to the church, but have been recently incorporated for their dilapidated appearance to characterize the extensive history of the…

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Artifact 3: Exposed Walls

Many of the interior walls exhibit the exposed brick of the original church. The length of the bricks is not uniform, and they are indented and chipped beneath a gray layer of accumulated dust. This particular wall was painted by a local artist. The background is a majestic and reflective purple, and features an elaborate…

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Artifact 2: Podium

  The podium is original to the venue, and was used as a pulpit during the Tabernacle’s beginning as a church. Around four feet tall, the pulpit is made of dark wood faded with age. The front is decorated to resemble a panel of a stained glass window, outlined in lighter wood smudged intermittently with…

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Artifact 1: Art

The interior of the Tabernacle is painted by local artists, and reflect the cultural diversity of the city. The balconies and ceilings are distinguished by a tribal pattern of simple lines or rectangles, all dull green and burgundy.  However, each wall bears a distinct mural typified for its bold colors. This dull crimson wall features…

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Built Environment Description

  The Tabernacle bisects Luckie Street, with Ted’s Montana Grill and the Atlanta Skywheel at either end of the block. These high-expense tourist attractions are further stratified by the cracked pavement and bowed fencing of car lots, and narrow alleys of debris and loose gravel. Two homeless men, both in oversized and soiled shirts, watched…

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