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Signage Artiface: Artist’s Market

The Artist’s Market is a short alley between stores, with a wide brick walkway that matches the brick exterior of stores. Strands of bulbs emit golden lighting, and crisscross along the extent of the alley, above a column of five round tables. One opening of the alley offers a view of the skyline of the…

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Audio/Video Artifact: Speakers

video-2cmrxn4 Speakers are embedded in the ground along the brick pavement of Atlantic Stations’ streets. The music is usually upbeat, and I noticed that as we listened to this song, some friends I was with would absentmindedly bounce or walk to the beat. The music is contemporary, with a blend of pop hits and indie…

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Built Environment Description: Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station is isolated from the assemblage of downtown, creating a more residential environment. It is characterized by surrounding townhouses and brick apartments, with green yards and walkways as well as ornate statues decorating the landscape. Many people are out walking dogs or sitting on covered porches in the nearby area. The entrance to Atlantic Station…

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Three Points on Little Five Points

Little Five Points is an eclectic amalgamation of thrift shops, stores, taverns, and restaurants near the Beltline in Atlanta. I learned about Little Five Points as I learned about Charis Books, a pink bookstore with some colorful authors and texts inside. I have complied a short list of recommendations inspired by my trip: 1. Company…

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