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BEA Draft 3: The People of the Landscape

With the impending closure of the Peachtree-Pine homeless shelter, many advocates for the homeless community believe the city is not invested in the fate of certain demographics. I believe the officials who make these consequential decision often do so without a knowledge of the people and places their policies impact. I would like to highlight…

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Class Notes: BEA 11/3

Homelessness/Poverty- homeless shelter, safehouse in downtown—OR go to Peachtree-Pine since it’s closing, see what reasons there are for closure- how will the closure of the shelter effect the homeless community, citizens, and city as a whole Race/Segregation Gendered Environments Gentrification Opportunity for new bike routes or autonomous vehicles     Will renovation lead to gentrification…

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Meme: Presidential Election

This meme addresses issues of gender in the current presidential election; greater criticism exits regarding Clinton’s attire.

Political Ad: Donald Trump

Immediately, Trump detaches himself from contemporary politics through the juxtaposition of images that open the advertisement. While the first image projects a strong, independent Trump, the subsequent shot of Clinton and Obama makes both politicians appear secretive and untrustworthy. These headshots are replaced by images of terrorists that equate Obama and Clinton to “radical Islamic…

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District Ballot

Election day most prominently features the candidates for President of the United States, but one other office mandates an influential decision between candidates. Most statewide offices, that of the House and Senate of Georgia, and local elections, such as the Magistrate and Probate courts, feature unchallenged, Republican incumbents. However, for the Senate race, there is…

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The most notable difference between advertisements is the music associated with each gender. With the commercials targeting males, the music is aggressive, loud, and composed more of guitar and drum sounds. With the commercials targeting females, the music is airier and light, and is quieter and less arousing than that of the males. Also, the…

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Class Notes

Internationally renown built environments include architecture that is of “great benefit to the public.” Commodity or comfort determine the most financially successful built environments (smoking, homelessness). The architecture of the arcades works concurrently with its surrounding environment (ability to escape frequent rain).

Class Prep

I first reorganized my blog through the creation of categories, which are located on the bottom left of the main page. Categories group together similar articles; for example, all of my SOS questions are submitted under an SOS category, and clicking on this heading will take users to all of my SOS posts. Categories are…

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