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BEA Draft 3: The People of the Landscape

With the impending closure of the Peachtree-Pine homeless shelter, many advocates for the homeless community believe the city is not invested in the fate of certain demographics. I believe the officials who make these consequential decision often do so without a knowledge of the people and places their policies impact. I would like to highlight the structure and purpose of the shelter itself while giving particular emphasis to the people who call it home.


Structure & Purpose of the Shelter

People of the Shelter (emphasis on workers, Anita Beaty, and the homeless)

In this section, link to interviews with some of the tenants, with pictures and names

Questions: How long have you been a resident at Peachtree-Pine? How has Peachtree-Pine served you? How does its closure personally effect you? How could the city best assist you?


In this section, use information from Annotated Bibs to detail arguments on both sides regarding the closure of the shelter.


nbritton1 • November 29, 2016

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