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BEA Draft 2: The People of the Landscape

A major factor in the built environment is our daily, conscious interaction with these spaces. Controversy surrounding this issue, and homelessness in general, is the ability of the city to make decisions about the fate of a place and people with whom they cannot relate. These are the people behind the articles, the city council meetings, and the protests.

I am setting up an appointment with Anita Beaty, which is actually really exciting because she’s in most of the articles I’ve done for my annotated bibs. I want to do interviews with some of the tenants and workers of the shelter, and do more of an exposition of the people there. This is very different from my first draft, but I am excited about the project and in touch with Anita right now, so I should have time to develop the idea and really make something special with the project.

nbritton1 • November 17, 2016

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