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BED Draft

The Tabernacle bisects Luckie Street, with Ted’s Montana Grill and the Atlanta Skywheel at either end of the block. These high-expense tourist attractions are further stratified by the cracked pavement and bowed fencing of car lots, and narrow alleys of debris and loose gravel. Two homeless men, both in oversized and soiled shirts, watched from…

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Office Hours

I attended office hours with Max on Wednesday, September 14 to discuss the Built Environment Descriptions.

Three Points on Little Five Points

Little Five Points is an eclectic amalgamation of thrift shops, stores, taverns, and restaurants near the Beltline in Atlanta. I learned about Little Five Points as I learned about Charis Books, a pink bookstore with some colorful authors and texts inside. I have complied a short list of recommendations inspired by my trip: 1. Company…

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Group Discussion Reflection

Thursday after class, Jenn, Max, Harry and I met to discuss the annotated bibliographies due on Friday. We reviewed our first bibliography that was due Tuesday, to see what revisions we could make based on the workshop in class. I could devote more of mine to an explanation of an articles’ relevance to my overall…

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American Studies Discussion 3

An idea blatantly addressed in our cluster this week is the dual nature of humanity. In American Literature, we read “Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America” by Benjamin Franklin, where his analysis of native culture elevates their civility over American barbarity. The title ironically attributes savagery to the Americans, instead of the expected natives,…

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Group Discussion

I wanted to clarify what was due tomorrow for class , and how to properly use the Zotero library to create an annotated bibliography and submit it on our class website. I asked other members of the cluster if they could meet after class, and six of us met in the study room of floor…

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How long should the narrative for the description be? Should other media, such as sounds and images collected, be included in the narrative or simply reserved in our notes?

American Studies Discussion 2

In English 1103, we discussed and practiced the contextualization of historical artifacts. Contextualization plays an important role in the class, especially through our analysis of the built environments of Atlanta and the architecture, artwork, or other cultural artifacts of a people. The practice is also necessary for our readings in American Literature, where the perspective…

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Office Hours

On Thursday, September 1, I attended office hours to get help on my annotations draft. I wanted to clarify what was necessary for the draft and how to submit it.

Class Notes: Reading Annotations

Rhetorical Situation: author, audience, context The rhetorical situation determines what appeals you use. Good Annotations: Deeper understanding of the text: reading between the lines Making connections to other literature, classes, etc. Analyze arguments and counterarguments Takes other perspectives into account Asks questions, offers answers Example: Whatever we have of history in incomplete; how do you…

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