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Artifact 2: Podium


The podium is original to the venue, and was used as a pulpit during the Tabernacle’s beginning as a church. Around four feet tall, the pulpit is made of dark wood faded with age. The front is decorated to resemble a panel of a stained glass window, outlined in lighter wood smudged intermittently with dirt. The colored effect of the window is achieved through fabric of light hues of pink, green, yellow and orange, stapled together in a random design. Each piece of fabric is sewn with a unique pattern on the lightly colored background, such as small flowers or curved lines. A think strip of wood at the top of the pulpit is carved with a detailed curlicues of wood, bordered by the face of some creature with the round face and mane of a lion. img_2853

This podium was used in the original church.

This podium was used in the original church.



nbritton1 • September 25, 2016

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