Site Revisions

  1. I tagged every post with keywords that make it easier for researchers to find useful information on my site.
  2. I revised the titles of my posts to better represent their content and to make it easier for researchers to find useful information. For instance, instead of just having “Reading Summary One” in the title, I included the title of the article I was summarizing.
  3. I added better spacing (paragraphs, spaces between text and picts, etc.), improving the aesthetic of my posts.

Built Environment Analysis Brainstorm

Poverty levels of certain parts of atlanta versus others. Does the built environment influence the concentration of poverty in certain parts of atlanta? There seems to be a concentration of wealth in the northern part of atlanta. Concentration of whites in the northern part of atlanta as well. Is it the type of housing that was created in the northern part of atlanta? Why isn’t the poverty evenly spread in atlanta? Where are businesses in relation to the northern parts of atlanta versus other parts of atlanta? Or maybe it has something to do with transportation? Nearby schools?