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“The Innovation Campus: Building Better Ideas” Annotation #1

1.)“What architects take from Building 20 is not its ramshackle aesthetic — though some believe less polish provides more freedom — but the importance of mixing disciplines, of work performed out in the open, and of transition zones like hallways and staircases as sites for productive run-ins.”(Para.3)

I did some more research on Building 20 as described above. I found an article quoting Amar Bose and Noam Chomsky stating, “”Walls were torn down without permission; equipment was stored in the courtyards and bolted to the roof. … The space also forced solitary scientists to mix and mingle … The building’s horizontal layout also spurred interaction'”(Business Insider). It also stated that this building, although being in shackles and falling apart, was a place of “groundbreaking research” with the most prestige scientists working there (Business Insider).

Notice the large space with functional seating.

Notice the large space with functional seating.

2.)“Seating is flexible, ranging from bleachers to sofas, office chairs to privacy booths. Furniture is often on wheels, so that groups can rearrange it.”(Para.5)

This idea of comfort meeting collaboration (thank you I thought of that myself) is very intriguing. These concepts have been brought up to Georgia State too. There are rolling chairs everywhere in the group spaces, natural light through large windows, and sofas and chairs spread across the span of the Library in order to provide not only conversation but so that people can even sleep between classes. Very modern!

3.)“A sculptural staircase, jutting provocatively from the side of the building, was designed to encourage students and faculty members to take the stairs to their work space instead of the shorter elevator route between front door and desk.”(Para. 9)

There is always something fascinating with the incorporation of art and real life spaces. This reminds me of a video I once saw where they did an experiment with stairs and paino keys. It was so cool on what the result was! The fact that so many more people took the stairs instead of the escalator was really cool and all because the stairs were now more interactive and made noises. This could be on the verge of a new health movement too.

4.)“No one has a private office at the Bloomberg Center, the primary academic building, and opaque walls are few. The only spaces faculty members can truly call their own are lockable storage cabinets, with carts for equipment.”(Para.12)

Is this always a good idea though. I think that faculty should deserve a space of their own in order to get stuff done. There is a good point with teachers working along side students, but teachers earned their spots in order to become a professional and should not be limited to a cubby. Also, where are office hours? Some students rely on office hours in order to ask personal questions they don’t feel like sharing with others. How are students suppose to contact the teachers without having to find them on campus. It seems as though it makes it more complicated.

5.)“‘Beyond five people it is too much of a crowd.'”(Para.13)

This was a quote that I got made at. The thing is that in an office space or in a business, you are gonna be working with more than just 5 people. At some points you have to work with an entire team. To limit oneself to approximately 5 people just gets me irritated. My dad works as a head manager of an overseas medical supply company and has to work with over 50 people on a weekly basis. Sometimes his telephone conversations will range to more than twenty people in one conference. Students need to get used to collaboration with more people because the world is filled with more than just 5.

6.)“If this sounds like Silicon Valley, it should. “We looked at Pixar in Emeryville very carefully, along with Bloomberg L.P. and Google, who have sizable office space in New York and understand the constraints of the urban environment,” Mr. Huttenlocher said.”(Para. 14)

I have actually experienced spaces similar to these in Atlanta! on my way to my second site visit, I passed by a Suntrust building (not the one in Aderhold but down near The Varsity). It encapsulated the same sorta ideas with wooden tables, low lounge chairs, and collaboration areas. I actually thought it was so cool that I took a picture (because I’m a nerd for that sorta stuff).

Hard to see but y'all get the idea :) PB: M.Molini

Hard to see but y’all get the idea 🙂 PB: M.Molini

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