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The Varsity: A Deconstruction (Audio)

Throughout the clip there is a deep overlaying moan that is almost breathy. It maintains steady pace throughout the clip and is not cancelled, tampered, or interrupted in anyway. In the faint distance, there is chatter from a deeper more punctual voice. it is difficult to tell what is being said, but it is know that whomever is speaking has a deep inflection. In occasional spots,  there are sudden squeaks and scuff sounds made. They are high in frequency and in sound, almost punctual. They do not last long but do occur over four times during the clip.

In the middle of the clip, there is a sudden burst of a voice with higher volumes. It states, “What’ll ya have?” and then another voice, of deeper volume, states the same phrase twice after that. After these voices make their presence, there is almost a feminine voice with higher tone that begins to talk, even in unclear dialect. After the feminine voice, there is again a deeper sound that makes its appearance with more understanding and dialect recognition.

Once again the phrase, “What’ll ya have?” makes itself know followed by a deeper sound with varying frequencies. The squeaks continue. In the distance, ever so light in sound, it sounds as if metal is scraping against metal with repeated lower grinding noises. There seems to be a multitude of conversations occurring as one lays over another consistently through the clip nearing the end. It is unclear, but they blanket each other with what seems to be three voices.

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