Madison Miller

GSU – BFA in Textiles – Spring ‘22




Madison Miller is an emerging textile artist native to Atlanta, Georgia. She is currently working toward her B.F.A with a concentration in Textiles from Georgia State University. Her love for textiles began at age twelve when she took an introductory knitting class at her local yarn store.

Though the scope of her interest in textiles is broad, Miller’s work presently gravitates to processes utilizing yarn. Her love of texture and color compels much of her work, as evidenced by her woven, knit, and crocheted pieces. She is fascinated by the unique ability of textile work to evoke not just a visual but also a tactile interest for viewers, in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. As an artist, Miller seeks to explore and contradict the domestic associations assigned to textile work, and to help further establish such works as art for art’s sake, distinct from the techniques’ traditional ties to functionality.

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