Annotated Bibliography Entry 6: “The Psychology of Interior Design”

Entry 6
“The Psychology of Interior Design | The Dirt.” N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Feb. 2016.

In this article, of the magazine “The Dirt,” interior design is examined and the affects it can have on humans.  In Hong Kong and other wealthy sectors of China, citizens spend considerable amounts of dollars for their homes to be evaluated.  The interior energy and layout is very important to how they feel about their place of residence.  Part of the reason why the dynamic of interior design is so significant is because of the differences between architects and everyday people.  Architects are trained to see form, light and color, while we only see walls, floors, and doors.  Where the architects’ intellectual approach and our emotional approach meet is where we find the perfect balance.  A living area that correctly balances our wants and needs helps to keep stress at a minimum.  Studies show that varied colors, window views, and dark flooring all are calming interior attributes for humans.
I personally plan to use this in my research when I am evaluating other interior designs for my next built environment description.  I will apply the topics touched on in this article to reason out the purpose for the appearance of the interior built environment.