Smoking at Krog Street Market

Outdoor seating at the "Living Room" area of Krog Street Market has no smoking allowed

Outdoor seating at the “Living Room” area of Krog Street Market has no smoking allowed

Krog Street Market has a communal area outside that encourages customers to eat together, socialize, and relax in the friendly environment. According to Krog Street Market’s official smoking policy, they “provide a smoke-free environment indoors and in all the restaurants.” They discourage smoking outdoors as well. There is an increasing movement in the United States to ban smoking from┬ápublic gathering areas. More and more people are not going to places simply because there is smoking allowed and they do not want to breathe in the second-hand smoke due to health concerns. Because Krog Street Market has banned smoking, more people will be excited and want to go to Krog Street Market now that they do not have to worry about breathing in second-hand smoke while they eat.

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