Built Environment Description 3–Krog Street Market

Krog Street Market capitalizes on several political trends. The politics of Atlanta and the United States can be felt on, inside, and around Krog Street Market. Some of these political impacts go unnoticed by consumers of the market. However, others can be felt and obviously be seen.

At Krog Street Market, the bathrooms are divided by gender. The developers made this decision over unisex bathrooms. In the United States today, there is a debate concerning gender when it comes to the bathrooms. However, Krog Street Market does not address this at all. While I was at the market, I did not see any problems with people using the bathrooms.

The location of the Beltline is critical for Krog Street Market. Many customers enter the market from the Beltline. Krog Street Market is also located at the Beltline’s start (or end, depending on how you look at it). Therefore, Krog Street Market’s proximity to the Beltline plays a critical role both politically and economically.

Krog Street Market has had enormous effects on the costs of housing nearby. Because of the market being built, houses near it have increased in value by thousands of dollars. This gentrification is good for Krog Street Market because it puts the market in a nicer neighborhood. However, now only wealthy people are able to afford these houses.

Within the market, many stores use Fair Trade. This political practice is supported by many Atlantans, as well as people across the globe. Even though Fair Trade products cost more money, stores continue to use their products to attract consumers who support this business practice.

At the market, no smoking is allowed outside in the eating area. This comes as the United States is slowly moving towards a non-smoking environment. While making the market a no-smoking area may turn away some smokers, more people will be encouraged to come knowing they will be without the discomfort of second-hand smoke.

Overall, the effects of politics are visible to visitors of Krog Street Market. Some of these political impacts are good for the market, while others could be considered not-so-good. However, through all of the politics that have impacted Krog Street Market, the result is a welcoming environment and a culture of community.

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