Political Commercial Analysis

The commercial I chose to analyze is one that is paid for by the National Rife Association (NRA) opposing Hillary Clinton. The advertisement can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2e6xtGFYS8w

In the commercial, a woman is asleep in her bed when she hears someone break into her house. Panicked, she runs to a box. She opens it and finds nothings. She panics more and tries to call the police, but can’t do it in time. The person presumably breaking in enters her room. The commercial then cuts to police outside the woman’s home with the phrase “Don’t let Hillary leave you defenseless” on the screen with the NRA logo next to it.

This commercial is targeting a good number of people. First, it is obviously targeting women because that’s who is in the commercial. A frightened woman is presumably hurt and robbed because she didn’t have a gun because Hillary Clinton took way her gun. That’s what the commercial is trying to communicate. The NRA has to target women because I’m sure they don’t have to target men simply because more men probably support the NRA than women do. Secondly, the commercial targets people who are anti-Hillary. While this commercial does not endorse Donald Trump or any other candidate, it tells people who they should not vote for her; she will leave them “defenseless.” Finally, this commercial targets second amendment supporters. People who support the right to carry a weapon and own a gun in their home will support this advertisement because they either support the NRA, are members of the NRA, or are both. By showing these visuals in the commercial, the NRA makes this group of people scared that they will lose their guns and because of that they’ll get hurt.

This commercial reaches out to their target audiences effectively because of the visuals. I think the commercial does a good job in showing what they needed to show and makes the viewer understand their viewpoint.


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