Interview with Slean at Krog Street Market

Slean, an employee at Fred's Meat & Bread

Slean, an employee at Fred’s Meat & Bread

Slean is a worker at Fred’s Meat & Bread located inside Krog Street Market. I spoke with Slean about his views on Krog Street Market, and his perspective working behind the counter.

Me: What’s the busiest times for Fred’s Meat & Bread?

Slean: Um…I would say on weekends, probably 11:30 am-2:30 pm. On weekdays probably 7:30 pm-9 pm.

Me: What types of people eat here? What types of people have you observed visiting the market?

Slean: Oh I see all types. Business people, neighborhood people, young, old, single people, families, couples, everything. Everyone comes here. There’s a huge demographic. I think Inman Park has a huge influence on the fact that all types of people eat here. The neighborhood use to be “hipstery,” but I don’t think that’s the case anymore. Now everyone, all types of people live in Inman Park and come to the market.

Me: Does the Beltline impact business?

Slean: Yes, for sure. I mean it’s a traffic way for people. Right over there, that’s the beginning and end of the Beltline, so people are starting and ending there. That’s huge not only for the market but for the city, too.

Me: How do you attract new customers?

Slean: We make great food, and we’re incredibly nice. We have great customer service and have a close attention to detail.

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