Class Prep 10/12/16

After viewing and playing with the Gendered Advertising Remixer, I realized how advertisers use different techniques when appealing to boys than when appealing to girls. With boys, the advertisements tend to be more action-focused. A lot of the visuals showed boys playing, being rough, shooting guns, explosions, things of that sort. The music behind a commercial geared toward a little boy was also more aggressive, the voice-over tended to be “rough,” and overall the advertisement was more intense than with the commercials for girls.

On the other hand, adsĀ for girls were different. They tended to show softer imagery, such as girls playing with dolls or sitting and talking. They were not as aggressive or “action-oriented” as the boy commercials were. The music behind the commercial was also more high-pitched and sounded like pop music. The voiceover also was always high-pitched.

It is interesting to note, however, that both advertisements for boys and girls had voiceovers. However, a boy never voiced a girl commercial, and a girl never voiced a boy commercial. This is just something that I found interesting and is worth noting when analayzing the differences between the commercials for boys and the commercials for girls.

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