Built Environment Description 2–Krog Street Market

Krog Street Market may be small but the market is rich with culture. The market is filled with all types of people that can be seen as one walks around the market. Young and old, rich and middle-class, white and black, and everything in between fill Krog Street Market’s seats.

The market has picnic table seating so people are almost forced into a socialization environment (see “Seating at Krog Street Market”). By having this family-style seating, patrons of Krog Street Market are encouraged to interact with one another, comment on what each other is eating, and just meet new friends. By having family-style seating, too, people can bring larger parties to Krog Street Market without worry of there being a lack of close together seats. This creates a culture of friendliness and familiarity.

It’s also worth noting that Krog Street Market is pet-friendly (not inside the market, only outside seating allows pets). By having this, people who are walking their dogs, or just want to bring their pets out with them, have the option of coming to Krog Street. This is important to understand as Krog Street Market is so close to the Beltline. (see “Interview with Curtis and Jenny at Krog Street Market”)

The Beltline also has a cultural effect on Krog Street Market. Because the market is located just one block from the start (or end, depending on how you look at it) of the Beltline many people either start or end their walk there. Before walking they may want to grab a bite to eat or purchase some water for the exercise. If they end there, they may be looking for a place to rest or a restaurant to grab a bite. Krog Street Market’s proximity to the Beltline makes it a popular option for visitors to the Beltline. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Beltline plays a major contribution to Krog Street Market’s success and revenue.

Overall, the culture created by Krog Street Market is one of socialization and community. People interact with one another and are able to bond over what the market has to offer everybody: great food, a great environment, and, most importantly, great culture.

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