Organizing My Blog

To organize my blog, I made a few changes┬áto the layout of it. I liked the way WordPress had given me my blog so I decided to keep that structure. I edited the tabs names so that they would read “Home,” “About Me,” “Atlanta,” and “Calendar/Weekly Overview.” These tabs are clearly visible at the top of the blog so visitors to the site can access where they need to go with ease. I have not put anything yet in the “Atlanta” section but I have multiple pictures of sites that I would like to add there.

I also created many different categories for the blog. New categories included Class Prep, Atlanta, Built Environment Description, Class Notes, SOS, and Study Session. By adding the new categories, visitors to the blog will have an easier time navigating my posts. If they need to search for something, they can simply go to the category choices and choose the one that will bring them to what they are searching for. I also think adding the categories made my blog more organized so there are not just random blog posts categorized as “Uncategorized” posted on my blog.

Because of the changes I made, I believe that my blog is now more easily accessible and user-friendly. Visitors to the blog will not get lost because the categories make it easy to find what you are searching for. I plan on adding more pictures to my blog, and making the tabs more interesting, but for now I am happy with the way my blog looks.

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