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Tagging Assignment


February 21, 2015 by lspencer12

I was assigned to examine blogs in the government/politics cluster. The following are the blogs which I reviewed. In general, I thought the original tags were appropriate and are value in contextualizing the article therefore I do not suggest removing any of them. However, I do believe that I might be useful to add additional tags to several of the blogs. The following is a list of these blogs and the suggested tags to be added.

  • The “new normal”: Is there one? I felt could have benefit from the use of additional tags such as sequestration, shutdown, and politics.
  • What’s your new “Situation Normal”? I would add the tags training, blog, NPS, sequestration, and shutdown.
  • The uses of the past at the Olympics, I would add collective Identity, Olympic, and transnationalism.
  • Humanities at the Crossroads: The Indiana case study add the tag humanities.
  • How the Great Chicago Fire Festival burned history additional tags of Chicago and festival.
  • Project Showcase: Israel State Archives publication on 1979 Egypt/Israel peace treaty add Jimmy Carter, Camp David, Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin, and SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks)


As noted earlier there were blogs which I felt had the appropriate tags and in my opinion needed no additional tags. These are a list of those blogs.

  • A good-enough platform for change
  • Get your wind farm off my historic site: When visions of sustainability collide (Part 1)
  • Get your wind farm off my historic site: When visions of sustainability collide (Part 2)
  • Project showcase: ironbound Environmental Justice History and Resource Center


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