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February 20, 2015 by chuber1

For this assignment I looked at ten blog posts from the tag cloud concerning various aspects of doing public history professionally.  The tags that I looked at were profession, employment, enterpreneurialism, collaboration, funding.   These tags did seem to work well as a cluster though I think some refinement within the individual tags would be useful.  The tags that could do with some tweaking are profession, employment and enterpreneurialism.

The profession tag seems to have a bit of confusion about what kind of blog posts it is categorizing.  Posts in this tag cloud varied from celebrating the career of an esteemed public historian to new developments is types of professional opportunities  to increasing diversity within the field of public history.  I think that it would be useful to  split this tag into sub fields like: NCPH and the profession,  the state of the profession, professional highlights, and diversity in the profession.  This would lead to a more refined list of posts relating to the specific nature of the professional field of public history.

The employment tag created some confusion for me.  I anticipated information about finding and gaining employment in the field.  This may be due to my impending graduation and job hunt, but I found posts looking more at diversity in the field and the ongoing crisis in the humanities.  While these are important to discuss this was not the information that I was hoping to find in this tag as someone on the cusp of joining the profession.

I was the most confused by the enterpreneurialism tag.  Partially I feel the word is too awkward, however I am not sure how to replace it with something that is less of a mouthful to pronounce.  I think this tag can be folded into the employment and profession tag as the now stand without a loss of information or searchablity.

As for the tags of collaboration and funding, I found that these tags worked especially well and delivered useful information.  I really liked the posts on grant writing and collaboration in historical consulting.  These post showed, to me, that these tags seemed to be clearly defined and understood by the various posters, and this user.

On the whole the tagging structure of the History@work blog seemed be an interesting structure to navigate broad topics concerning Public History.  While I have not used tag clouds in the past this assignment has made me realize how they can be useful for drilling down a specific topic that you information about.


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