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  Microlearning provides bite-sized approaches to learning.  These small modules provide engaging and effective topics that can be taught in diverse ways, such as webinars, screencasts, infographics, games and many other approaches.  Microlearning topics have two (2) consistent features: Brevity — this is the one underlying, non-negotiable characteristic that defines this medium of instruction. The … Continue reading Microlearning

Have you discovered Padlet?

Merriam Webster defines “noticeboard” as a board bearing a notice or on which notices may be posted especially : BULLETIN BOARD.  In the 21st century technology integrated classroom, noticeboards have been replaced with digital bulletin boards such as a Padlet.  Padlet  takes the idea of the notice board and makes it digital, so it’s enhanced. Padlet is a platform in which you … Continue reading Have you discovered Padlet?