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Microlearning Image


Microlearning provides bite-sized approaches to learning.  These small modules provide engaging and effective topics that can be taught in diverse ways, such as webinars, screencasts, infographics, games and many other approaches.  Microlearning topics have two (2) consistent features:

These microlearning statistics sum up why this approach was chosen:

  • Microlearning makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient
  • 8 out of 10 L&D professionals favor microlearning because their learners prefer it
  • Microlearning creates 50% more engagement
  • Learning in stretches of 3-7 minutes matches the working memory capacity and attention spans of humans
  • Microlearning reduces development costs by 50% and increases the speed of development by 300% 

Not only is microlearning a great way to conduct professional development for educators, it is also a great way for instructors to teach today’s student in the classroom.  Here is a video to watch that will give you a further explanation of microlearning.

You’ve just completed your first microlearning module, which was learning about microlearning!  


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