Have you discovered Padlet?

Merriam Webster defines “noticeboard” as a board bearing a notice or on which notices may be posted especially BULLETIN BOARD. 

In the 21st century technology integrated classroom, noticeboards have been replaced with digital bulletin boards such as a PadletPadlet  takes the idea of the notice board and makes it digital, so it’s enhanced. Padlet is a platform in which you can create a single or multiple walls that are able to house all the posts you want to share.This creates a space for teachers and students to share in a way that’s actually better than the old non-tech version.  Unlike a physical noticeboard, this space can be populated with rich media, including words and images as well as videos and links too. All that and it’s instantly updated for anyone sharing the space to see right away.  This collaborative tool allows instructors to engage students and other instructors in the learning process.  Padlets  can be public so that they are open to all or they can be password protected to share in a small group only.  Inviting someone to join a Padlet is as easy as sharing a join link with them.  Once up and running, updates can be posted by student identity or anonymously. 


Here is a quick video on How to Use Padlet:


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