From Night School to Research University

Around the early 1900s, people in the United States were becoming more and more educated. With the demanding nature of the working class job, most Americans found it difficult to further their education. As a result the Georgia Institute of Technology decided to open a branch of its university in the downtown area as an evening school. The downtown sector very quickly became a popular college of choice for many Atlantans. To accomodate such a rapid increase in enrollment, the school had to undergo many renovations and relocations in order to increase its potential capacity. The unexpected success of the school forever changed the landscape and the built environment of downtown. Previously a place with a less than perfect reputation, the area was now an urban hub once again. Students of all ages roamed the streets as the night school transitioned in to a day school in the 1930s and 1940s. Increasing foot traffic led to a new influx of restaurants, shops, and bars in the nearby area, many of which were located on Broad Street, which is still a popular spot for students today. Noting its success, the Univeristy of Georgia bought the rights to claim this flourishing institution in 1952. This merger brought an entirely new range of programs and majors offered in the downtown campus. As a result of its vast success, the school eventually fought for its independence as a university. In 1969, the fought was won, and Georgia State officially became a soveriegn university.

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