Lasting Effects on Downtown

Since around 2009, the Georgia State campus has extended its borders to include a larger part of the city. Instead of dominating the area, however, the university and the downtown area have a largely symbiotic relationship. The university has very clearly reshaped downtown , both physically and culturally. The extension of the campus into other parts of the city have brought exposure to working life, different cultures, and the historic nature of the city. Georgia State has also brought students further in the city, providing more small businesses and restaurants with a larger clientele. The physical effect on the city is obvious, shown in the form of the increasing presence of the Georgia State symbol emblazoned on streets, signs, and buildings. As a result, downtown has been rejuvenated, pushing back against the encroaching abandoned and decaying city. The presence of Georgia State’s renovations bring fresh, new buildings to downtown. Through the expansion of Georgia State, the rhetoric of the built environment of the downtown sector has changed from one of decay and demolition to one of prosperity and progressiveness.

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