Detailed Revision Explanation

I have revised my reading summary 5. I have done this by adding onto the post to make the word length more acceptable, since my first edition was way too short. I went into a large amount of additional detail, as well as adding in some multimedia.

The photograph I added represents the article well and enhances the points I was able to make in my summary.  I cited the photograph as well as writing an explanation below the picture of what it was and how it related to my summary.

In addition, I added images and application of concepts to the categories as well as reading summary. I also added colors, image, creativity, unique, beauty, refreshed, and discovery onto the tags. This helps define my post before opening and reading it, as well as helping people navigate my blog.

After completing the survey, I realized that I could have incorporated way more multimedia aspects into my writing. Being so used to a traditional English class, doing so was out of my comfort zone and I never pushed myself as far as I was capable of going. I will definitely be using more of those aspects in my future work.