Digital Site is a very resourceful website. On the front page the website shows off beautiful photographs of Atlanta’s skyline and aquarium. The site is split into eight sections; hotels, restaurants, things to do, neighborhoods, MARTA, local businesses, about, and blogs.  The hotels section lists 11 of the best hotels to stay at in Atlanta and briefly describes the best attributes to them along with a picture of the hotel.


This section is well put together and it is very easy to read and find information, although the only hotels featured on this page are high in price. The hotels section could be improved by adding more mid-range priced places to stay.

The restaurants section of the website is organized just like the hotels section, but instead of places to stay it showcases the best places to eat in Atlanta. This section describes the mouthwatering food served, along with pictures of the food or building. I can almost taste the food they are describing and makes me want to visit every one of these places.


The things to do section is also set up the same way. It describes popular activities going on around Atlanta. Their descriptions of each activity make each seem like something you wouldn’t want to miss. The neighborhoods section is very similar to the things to do section as it describes popular activities going on in each section of Atlanta, such as the art district in Midtown.

The MARTA section is very useful. It is a basic guide to using the MARTA system and also includes information like the prices of rides. The local business section is set up like a directory and lists business names, addresses, and phone numbers. The about section is just a small paragraph describing the website. This section seems unnecessary, as it just repeats what the homepage says. The last section, blogs, is a directory of links to blogs that feature activities to do in Atlanta. This section also seems unnecessary, as it is just repeating what is included in the things to do section.

Overall, this website is extremely informative and easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. This website would be a lifesaver for tourists new to Atlanta or even people living in Atlanta just looking for a cool place to go for the day.


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Interior Built Environment Description

As I pull into the shopping center that holds the Buford Highway Farmers Market, I can already tell it is a popular place to shop. After finally finding a place to park, I step into the market and am immediately overwhelmed by how crowded the large store is with customers. The store is set up like a typical grocery store with multiple aisles and a section for fresh foods like produce. The front of the store is decorated with an extremely large world globe, which is most likely representative of the fact that the market sells products from all around the world.

The Buford Highway Farmers Market, however, is different than a typical grocery store. According to their website, they have been “family owned and operated since 1984”. This store offered a much larger variety of products than the basic grocery. Many of the products I have not even heard of, such as the Maguey Leaf and the Spine Chayote and are very brightly colored with different kinds of textures and patterns. The store also seemed to cater highly to people of Hispanic heritage, as many of the products were with completely or partially written in Spanish. This market is also different because at the back of the store there was a line of small shops set up, similar to the eye doctor and nails salons at stores like Walmart. There was a watch and jewelry repair set up among various other shops.

As I near the end of exploring the farmers market, I find a fresh bakery where you can physically see the cooks making food in the back of their kitchen. There is fresh food set up behind windows and samples set out for potential customers to try. I decide to purchase one of the bakery’s cupcakes. After standing in a very long line to check out, I exit the market and enjoy my cupcake and the rest of my day.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market. There was a selection of foods from across the globe, all put out in attractive and unique displays, unlike chain grocery’s basic plastic bins and boxes. I enjoyed my cupcake and it is very likely that I would return here again.


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Digital Record: signage


This is an image of one of the brochures available at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It gives information on the garden and the things offered there such as the café, gift shop, classes given, events offered, and school field trips that are available. This was one of multiple brochures available to visitors for free, giving them more knowledge of the workings of the garden.