Reading Summary 5

Open Your Mind

Phia Bennin and Brendan McMullan from Radiolab write about trying out a “delightful experiment” called color walks. Color walks were originally thought of by William Burroughs and presented at the Colors show. Color walks include walking around an area, like downtown Atlanta and following one or multiple colors. Bennin and McMullan tried color walking in lower Manhattan, giving themselves and hour of uninterrupted time to explore. They finished the walk viewing each color in a totally refreshed light.

To be successful in a color walk, it is important to keep your mind open and let your creativity take you where it may. By picking different colors you feel drawn to, you will soon find yourself on a new kind of adventure you have never experienced before. During your walk, you may be inspired by the new found beauty you see in everyday objects. Color walking has the ability to open your eyes to how unique and alluring the colors in everyday objects are you never would have noticed or given a second glance- if you clear your mind and let it. After color walking, you will never view the outside world the same again; you will view it in a much more open minded and appreciative way. If you are craving a fresh view of the same old daily routine, give color walking a try!


This photograph represents color walks in that it paints whatever is behind the glass in a new shade. Without the glass, everything is ordinary. But with the glass, everything looks the same, just a slightly different shade. This is how color walks work, by helping you discover a different shade of the world.

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