March Response #3

Dear John Lewis,

After reading pages 100-173 of March: Book Three, I felt various emotions. In the book, you discussed your journey to Africa, your difficulties within the civil rights movement, and the call for African American voting rights. I knew how far we’ve come from being able to vote, but I didn’t know the magnitude prior to reading this chapter.

You discussed the story about Fannie Lou which angered me in multiple ways. I was heartbroken and furious to hear that she was beaten and arrested for simply voting. Voting…something that is her right and to be more precise, is included in the 15th Amendment. It’s really just so sick to hear that people wanted so badly to break African Americans down to the point where they aren’t even able to exercise their given rights. Her testimony also angered me since it was cut short. Seems like they wanted to mute not only her feelings but her as a human. Honestly, even though this occurred almost 50 years ago, similar situations like Fannie Lou’s happen today. In this chapter, you also discussed your trip to Africa. Not only were you and the SNCC aiming to end discrimination in America’s south, but you al were trying to end racial tensions in African countries such as South Africa and Senegal. This moved me because not only were you all trying to eliminate racial ties in America but in Africa as well. However, you also highlighted the problems within the SNCC such as the bankruptcy and the disagreements. After many failed events, the SNCC was quickly losing money and sponsors. This made me ask, what made you continue your cry for civil rights even when everything felt like it was failing?

This chapter is much more political in comparison to the last two. You focus more on the political aspect of civil rights rather than before you focused on injustice and inequality. I still stand by what I said in the last blog post. Not much can be done to end discrimination against African Americans however, the faces of the US could take a stand against it. I am thoroughly enjoying this book and can’t wait to complete it.



                                                                                                                                              Micayla A.

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