GSU’s Unique Environment

When I was deciding on a college to attend, I chose GSU for many reasons. One of the main reasons behind my choice was the kind of environment that came along with this school. Being in the heart of downtown Atlanta not only reminded me of my childhood home, but it promised opportunity that I knew I wouldn’t get anywhere else. The unique environment that students at GSU get to live in influences us to immerse ourselves in the city just as the university has.

Our campus is built within the city. This means that it is set up so that we are always given the opportunity to interact and network with other students and people in the city. A key example of how GSU’s built environment has done this is how I met a fellow student a few weeks ago. When we were given the task of exploring a place in Atlanta to analyze its built environment, I went to the Underground to take some pictures. On my trip there, I came across a natural beauty store and decided to look inside.

After a few minutes of casual conversation, I learned that the girl at the counter was a student at GSU as well. While this was no surprise, I also found out that she was a Political Science major who was seeking a minor in Studio Art just like me. Seeing as though she’s a junior, she offered to discuss classes and etc. with me and we exchanged numbers.

Once I left, I thought about how the built environment here at GSU sets us up for success. The lack of campus walls and borders allow our classes to take advantage of our location and let us seek work, enjoyment, and opportunities throughout Atlanta. We are always networking, always exploring new settings, and always available for opportunities.

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