Built Environment Description and classwork

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turner broadcasting website

What artifacts or things are present at the site?

How are these artifacts or things arranged/located/stored?

What is the layout of your site? the layout is

Is it open and easy to navigate? Or is it closed, crowded with obstacles, etc.? easy to navigate through and can easily find everything with the menu bar buttons

What colors are present in the space? mostly black and white with some blue,  but the pictures on the site are colorful

How does the site make you feel and why? it makes me feel like the company is very professional and the pictures pull you in to learn more and why everyone is so happy in the pictures.

How is the site used? Who uses it? the people who use it are looking for jobs, internships , or just wanting to know more about the company overall

How does the site advertise its uses? How does the site target or signal its intended users? probably through tv because they own several major channels that are available to different countries


thesis :

the built environment of a university in the city isn’t negative at all. School in the city provide better opportunities , which mean better jobs after you graduate. People assume the city is unsafe which means you receive a bad education and won’t succeed in the world but its actually the opposite.



student housing effecting students

benefits better grade meeting people

nobody talks about the negative

drugs, guns,

socializing and technology

students have access to other people

we need space

always going out

clean , in da hood

valid points

backs up points with evidence

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