Mid-term Reflection

February 15, 2016 - Uncategorized

Since starting this class I have already learned a lot. For starters I’m not used to the writing prompt we are working with now. I like it better than the “old-school” way. It’s different because we are basically using a blogging style and i’ve never blogged before. I also never had to look at my word count in order to have a complete project. However I am used to having a bibliography at the end of my summaries but not an annotated one. My English 1101 asked us to do that, but I guess she never cared if we did it or not so I never did. My favorite part about the descriptions and summaries is the research. I’ve learned key words and ways to branch out in my research to make my papers more understandable and in a colligate  that show I understand the topic and what I was researching as well. I believe the audience for my summaries, entries, and descriptions, are the professor, classmates, and people who are interested in my research and opinion. My peers can use this information when they need help in transitioning, set up , or just interested in what I talked about. I like blogging better than actually using paper and pencil and to try and write. When everything is on the computer my writing goes smoothly and I’m also less distracted.


I honestly have more weaknesses than strengths. my main one is reading something and pulling my own words out of it. When I do summarize something I feel like I basically said the whole paper. Writing isn’t my cup of tea. I don’t really like it , but I’d rather read a book. I want to get better at my writing because I may want to write a book one day or something. The only extra activities I’ve done are the quizzes, extra drafts, pictures, and zotera. I think office hours visits would help me because I do believe in having one on one help. So far my effort into this class is good but the thing I do need to get better at is due dates. I usually work on something else in the lass then all of a sudden, something is due the next day.

With the reading summaries I will start giving myself more time to actually thoroughly read them and have a perfect summary. Working on the quizzes help with some of the process we are working on throughout the class. Activities help me become a better writer in general. I came in the class with a blank sheet now I have paragraphs to write.

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