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Writing Journal Prompt 8

Enriques Journey has given our class the opportunity to think about immigrants in a new light. We get to listen to enriques story of trying to reunite with his mother, while he leaves behind the rest of his family. His journey is long and dangerous, and he risks deportation. But to enrique, the journey is worth the risk so that he can find the mother who left him many years ago to support the family.

Many topics come to mind when we talk about immigrants. There is the matter of how will they get to America, where will they find jobs, and how do they keep in contact with each other. But for my topic, I chose to discuss education in relation to immigrants. This decision was easy for me to make because I think education is a big part of why the story even took place. If all the people involved were more educated then things might have been different, and they would have communicated with each other better. Nothing is written in stone, however, and being educated isn’t enough to fill enriques empty heart.  So my plans are to view the pros and cons of education and how it can affect the decisions one would make. And this will hopefully correlate to the events that took place in the story.

Writing Journal Prompt 5

This is a recap of my progress on Essay 2, which will feature a short story and possibly a poem. Right now I am in love with the story aboutStopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”. I love the dark tone of the story but the hope he has for reaching home to greet his loved ones. It is a sweet story about a man trying his best to head home even through all the dangers he must face in the forest. I also plan to write about “Two Kinds”. That is a story about a mother and daughter who move to America to find their dreams. And through many trials, they eventually find their place in society. My Topic will be about overcoming difficult trials and believing in yourself. I think both stories are great examples of trying to overcome a trial in your life. We see the horseman have the venture through the forest to head home even though the path was very dangerous, and in the other story, we see a young girl trying her best to impress her mother with skills she does not possess.

I would like my essay to prove that with the effort, you can overcome a lot of trials in your life. And that no effort given is wasted because it will eventually prosper into something great. Although we do not get a full ending on “Stopping by Woods” I would like to believe our fearless horseman made his journey home. And in our story about “Two Kinds” the daughter never truly gave up on learning the piano and eventually succeed. With my essay, I hope to prove these points.

I will also talk a lot of about the imagery used in the scene to show how difficult the trials our characters had to endure. And that overcoming such trials was not an easy feat. I want to shine a light on this concept in all its glory and hopefully convince the readers that my points are valid.


Writing Journal Prompt 4

The poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is an interesting piece. I feel it is about a man on his way home from a very long journey. While on his way he sees a forest that is a shortcut to his home. He knows that this particular path is very dangerous and that he should not enter the forest. It is well known to the people in this area that the one who claims that forest is a dangerous being and could very well kill them if he is a caught. But he thinks about if its the best decision to venture through this forest to see his family off to bed before they rest.


The man decides he will take the risk so that he can get home sooner. As he turns into the forest even his horse reacts with fear. This to me, makes me feel like its an unearthly entity of evil to have even the animals scared to the bone. Animals in a way can sense evil intent / emotion and are very afraid of such things. I think that is a huge indicator of just how evil this person truly is and does a great job of explaining the level of threat this unknown person is. This causes me to wonder, just what was the entity that controlled the forest? How cruel could he have been to scare, even the horse? How did the forest come to belong to this entity? It is quite an interesting poem, but sadly it is very short. There is not much to say other than speculation about our opinions on this scenario.

In another poem “The Daffodils” we have a lot of imagery going on. If I were to close my eyes while this poem is read to me I think I could envision the scenery where this poem takes place. It is about a man walking along a path until he sees a field full of daffodils as far as the eye can see. He is amazed by the beautiful of these flowers and compares the quantity of them to the stars in the sky. Behind this wonderful scene is a lake with moonlight reflecting on the water and a cool breeze. It gives off the vibes of a very relaxing environment where you can take your mind off terrible times and forget the whole day. He waits for the wind to blow to make the flowers appear as though they are dancing. This image he treasures deeply and whenever he is frustrated he thinks of his more peaceful times in the meadow and he is once again with peace.


I think it is absolutely beautiful that he could find such a scene in nature and had the opportunity to enjoy it. And now he writes about this to tell his viewers to find something in their own life that gives them this feeling of peace and think of it when they have frustrating situations. I almost feel as though the author is trying to teach the reader methods of tranquility and peace. Definitely an interesting poem, with lots of imagery with the detail to recreating the scene.

Writing Journal Prompt 3

My initial thoughts about the short story “Girl” was that a mother was trying to teach her daughter how to find her way in the world. It feels like they are in the 50s when women we are expected to stay at home and take care of the family through chores while the man would provide through finances. The mother is constantly teaching her daughter how to take care of a man by using the young girl’s father as an example. She has her daughter iron her father’s clothes and shows her how to properly wash them.

3582e83a4b791c80793ed422717242e1I feel the mother is trying her best to teach her daughter all she will need to know. During that time period, women could stay at home for the majority of their day without needing extensive education in the various fields. I think her mother wanted her to find a man that could support a family, and being able to do chores was the common way to obtain such a man. In today’s world, we would be offended by the amount of work we are expected to do when we can also provide for our families financially. As time has progressed woman have become significant pieces of society and use their education to further the human development through various aspects. It is quite interesting to see how far we have come as people in general and that through time most ignorant practices are left in the past. Eventually, we may come to see a future with equal rights and benefits.

Writing Journal Prompt 2

In activity 2.13 we see a young woman laying down naked with makeup on her face in a advertisement to sell vehicles. The advertisement has the text “you know you are not the first” in small text on the image, and in the corner we see the BMW brand with the text “BMW Premium Used Cars”. The image is heavily sexual and likely has the male as a target audience.

When we read the lines “You know you are not the first” along with the picture we can assume that it implies she has had sex before. The reason we can assume this is because the woman is pictured to be naked with a flirtatious smile. She is wearing makeup with her hair curled with no visual signs of clothing. But when we realize that the advertisement is actually for used cars we confirm our suspicions. It is implied that a used car would have been driven by another man, and when we see “you know you are not the first” along with a young woman in a seductive pose we can assume another man has been with her as well.

The second advertisement depicts a young man standing outside a shiny vehicle with a grin on his face. We then read the text “You would be amazed what you can learn(and save) in two years”. Then toward the bottom of the advertisement we see a comparison between two universities. The advertisement reads “Two years at West Hills Campus is $600, while two years at UC school is $28,000. Why not spend $27,400 on something else?”. The image merely displays a young man with a new car, and the target audience appears to be college students. The goal of the advertisement is to encourage enrollment at the West Hills Campus.

The advertisement for West Hills Campus uses a font technique that implies the information is a secret when displaying the line “and save” by making the text smaller, slanted, and underneath the line as if the hide it. Because it is irregular compared to the other font format it stands out much more.

In conclusion, these two advertisements were meant to convey that you can save money. The West Hills Campus wants you to believe that the money saved from attending there campus can be used on personal desires like the car shown in the example. While the BMW advertisement shows you a woman that is used but still in good condition, as they want to represent there used vehicles. I find that the West Hills Campus had a very nice tactic when it comes to advertising with the use of the fonts, text, and the car to give you an idea of what the extra money can be spent on. The BMW advertisement took a risky approach with there advertisement because they decided to objectify women which could offend some of there customers. The mistake that BMW made is assuming all customers would be male and would enjoy the content. But the West Hills Campus went a more neutral approach that would appeal to both genders. In that respect the West Hills Campus has a much better advertisement that will garner more customers through its complex use of information.

Writing Journal Prompt 1

For the first writing prompt, I will be writing about Activity 2.7 “The Point when science becomes Publicity”.

  1. By reading a headnote or doing a search on Google we can learn about the authors’ history, work experience, other works of art, and etc. This will help us identify the common style of art the author uses.
  2. Through skimming the text we can learn the overall theme of the story, and identify the important characters. I often use this method when reading a new piece to gather quick notes with a short time frame.
  3. When Science becomes publicity we can assume it is exaggerated. They use this tactic to encourage people to purchase / discontinue use of a product with absurd information. So they can scare you into the palms of their hands.
  4. Originally the title made me think that it was a good thing and that it could eventually catch the eyes of the readers. But unfortunately, they have taken things too far and thus it does not feel credible to me anymore.