Hello viewers, this website is dedicated to my experiences during college. I started this blog for my English 1102 class. The experience I have had with this blog was wonderful and it gave me a place to free my mind. I can come here and write about anything that comes to my mind and won’t be judged for it. This is true writing freedom. It’s fun to experiment with different subjects and the ways I can approach these topics. I have had a blast writing this blog all semester and it is sad to see my blog writing days have come to an end. Maybe in the future, this will be a possible hobby for me to have during my down time? A nice little place to collect my thoughts on a particular day and share with my family. Who knows? Only time will tell if I actually go through with a personal blog.

But nonetheless, a wonderful experience and many learning opportunities were given to me this semester. I hope to continue growing as a person and improve my writing ability. Thanks for the wonderful semester!