The limited view of writing

When most people think of writing we imagine the freedom to express your ideas, and share your opinions with the world. I once believed that notion as well, but my mind has changed in recent times. In the field of study all those beliefs are destroyed and you are confined in a bubble. And dont even think about freeing yourself as it might affect your grade as a student, because papers must follow a strict guideline. Research papers in particular are extremely taxing, and lack creative freedom in all respects of the ideal. When doing a research paper you are required to use someone elses words to express your thoughts about a topic. I find that unnerving and ridiculous to be honest. Why would someone educated and capable of expressing personal opinion want to borrow words from another writer? What makes their opinion more qualified than my own? Academic research is nothing more than copy and paste without any power to follow my own path in regards to writing. If writing were as free as many believed then why must we search for academic scholars that agree with our ideas to confirm whether they are correct or not? How are we expected to be excited about assignments, that by definition, will limit our creative freedom? You would probably suggest that this is a necessity to keep structure among the different writers. Yes, we require structure to function as a society but when do we determine when too much power has been taken away from the writer in expressing personal belief in their papers. When will writers find the freedom we have dreamed of? If we continue limiting writers we will define their views and prevent them from breaking free in the future! After all a bird trapped within its cage will never want to leave once it is forced to stay within its confined. Now a days, It feels as if blogs are the only resource to express a writers true ideals and give actual freedom through your words.


Freedom within a cage? Is it possible?

With that being said, blogs are wonderful assets when it comes to expressing your ideals. They allow you to speak about any topic you desire, and give honest opinions without worry of backlash. There is no defining structure that will limit your ability to speak with your reader. Only in freedom can we truly have a voice, and that cannot be found in academic journals. Only with an open mind can we find solutions to this writers block, and encourage others to write with passion. But until that solution is found using blogs to mend a writers broken spirit will have to suffice. Let us dream fellow writers, dream of freedom.

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