America | A Divided World

This years election was definitely a huge shock to the world. The popular vote has failed, the republicans have full control over the house and the senate, and donald trump was elected the president of the united states. Fear and paranoia surround half the population of Americans and our country has been divided. My fears for this election have come true in every regard of the manner. The fear was not so much as Republican or Democrats, but more so the fact that the two running were extreme opposites. They have separate views on abortion which will affect womens rights, different views on how to deal with immigration, and different views on taxing the upper class. These are extreme views in our society and because their are so many extreme views everyone is tore over results. And with the republicans in full power there is nothing there to stop them from pushing laws at a vicious rate. What will happen to a womens right to abortion? Will she be punished for making a decision about her own body? Will the practice be outlawed by officials? Will the people revolt for their rights? How will child care and women’s work be factored into this equation?

This situation is quite frightening, and has left most of the world shocked that trump has been elected. And more so that republicans have full control. No one is certain of what laws will come, because no one is sure of what mr trumps plans are for the future. Can we trust our country in the hands of a billionaire who thinks taking advantage of others is “good business” and that the rich shouldn’t pay business taxes which support the poor. How much will the people be able to take? Will there be out lash from the extreme change? Only time will tell what will happen to our country, but with the divide and fears we can only expect disaster.

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