Writing Journal Prompt 10

Over the course of the semester I had the opportunity to take an english course, and practice developing my writing skills. The morning “daily grades” were a form of writing in which we either wrote about a topic or a free write about our current status in the class. I think the assignment was interesting and provided us a great opportunity to write at our pace and self improve.

In terms of free-writing I think my skills have improved quite a bit. When given a topic I write quickly about what comes to my head without worry of grammar mistakes. This allows me to get my ideas down on the paper while im still thinking of them! Without the worry of being harshly graded I am much more creative and faster at getting my word count up. And in this format I was able to express my personal opinions about the topics, which was in my opinion, a very fun exercise that got me started in the morning. This very concept was wonderful for developing ideas and as a basis for a personal paper, because you only have to worry about getting the words down and correcting grammar later on.

In regards to my style of writing, I feel that I improved a decent amount. Before taking this course writing a MLA formatted paper was quite a difficult task. I had trouble putting everything together properly, citing authors, and the overall format was hard for me to implement. Over time I got better at crafting my papers and understanding what this format required of me. Unfortunately I still dont feel confident in my ability to write a great paper, and wish I had the opportunity to work 1 on 1 with the instructor. I would have preferred to write at least 1 paper using the MLA format while in the classroom setting, so that I could get immediate feedback on a assignment and understand where I am struggling. Sometimes it’s hard for me to figure out why I am struggling on my assignment and maybe knowing what the problem is might have helped with what feels like writers block. But overall I learned a lot in this course and would recommend it to everyone. I was taught how to work on my paper in a productive manner, how to write a blog, and where to find sources for my academic research. And the opportunity to ask an instructor for information is a valuable resource.

As a writer I feel much more accomplished, because I learned a lot about the structure of a MLA paper and can write papers without much guidance. I love the ability to write about whatever your heart desires, and share your ideas with others. I want to improve my overall writing ability and grammar so that these tasks are even easier to accomplish. And I want to be able to write a MLA formatted paper with ease, and feel confident about my papers. Thankfully this class provided me with the necessary foundation for improvement when past classes did not. In the future I hope that these goals are reached, and I will be able to help others as a result.


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