Writing Journal Prompt 9

Our class will be writing a digital blog about Enrique’s Journey and the different topics that emerge from it. We plan to give our readers insight on enriques journey and shine a light on the topics we find most interesting. My plans for the blog will be a nice color scheme, around 30 pictures, and references to immigration. And we will incorporate the ideas of my class as well to make the perfect package of information, at least in our classes opinion.

Regarding the actual website we have a lot to work on. We will have to find a way to keep the website simple, elegant, and informational. Our goal is to make information easy to obtain and easy to understand. And we must consider the time of a day someone might view the website to determine the best color scheme for the eyes. Spelling and Grammar should be checked frequently to ensure that the information is correct, and looks professional. Links will have to be accessible from every page we have available, and images must be aligned in size. If we can manage to accomplish all these feats, then our blog will look wonderful for our readers. We will accomplish our goal in sharing information and topics we thought were worth mentioning, and hopefully, grab the readers attention to such matters.

Overall, the ideas we have set forth are simple enough to accomplish. The hardest part of this project would be checking the actual information we have created and making sure that it is value. Although our website is supposed to be an independent blog to share our opinions about these topics, we can all agree that its best, to provide as many facts as possible to support our ideals.

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