Another debate, and a tough decision about abortion

Recently, our two candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had another presidential debate. In this debate, we had the opportunity to listen to each candidate’s beliefs regarding the rights of a woman. In particular the right a woman has to have an abortion. It is interesting that they went in totally different directions with this and both had a somewhat dramatic response to the situation. Trump’s stance is that abortion should be outlawed and that it is wrong in every aspect of its nature. That woman shouldn’t have that option to abort a child because it would be the equivalent of killing another person. While Clinton’s stance is that woman have a right to decide what’s best for their bodies and should be allowed to have an abortion if they choose. This prompted Trump to make the claim that abortion is an awful thing to do and claimed that Hillary would support ripping a 7month+ infant out of the womb if the mother decided otherwise on being a parent.

My opinion is that trump took things a little too far. It was clearly a shock tactic, but was it effective? I don’t think so. It felt out of place and seemed very exaggerated because most doctors wouldn’t allow a woman to abort a baby that is close to being birthed. I personally feel that woman deserve the right to have an abortion if they choose. After all, forcing them to give birth to a baby they don’t want will make the child miserable. Who’s going to raise the child? Who will pay for their education? If a parent is willing to prevent their birth then how can we trust them to love the child unconditionally? Forcing them to make that choice will only hurt both the mother and child, and will foster a terrible relationship.

The only other option is to place the child for adoption, but who then would adopt? Sure, right now you can probably suggest that there a people out in the world who wish to adopt. Those people who can’t give birth to their own child. Yes, that sounds good until we consider millions of people giving birth to children (which would have formerly been aborted by many of these individuals). We would have a surplus of children that we would have no homes to supply these children with. And where will the other children go? How will oversized family survive in our terrible economy? And how are rape victims being considered in this “remove abortion” plan? Are they also going to be forced to keep the child they did not wish to have? Obviously, there needs to be a balance between what is acceptable. We need to approach these decisions with research, emotional appeal for those involved, and find a realistic solution. Who are we to force someone to have an abortion or to conceive a child? The right to decide should belong to the people giving birth. Removing abortion entirely is nothing more than a dark fable that ends horribly for all involved.

So the answer you have probably been waiting on. My stance on abortion? Well, it has its time and place. I personally would never have an abortion because I actually love children. I think I would find a way to raise my child even if my finances were low. I would ask my family for support and information about my circumstance. Maybe even put the child up for adoption if I had to. I really think life is precious and I want to protect my child’s life If I ever have the choice. But No, I would never take away a woman’s right to her choice. My opinion / morals are just that, mine! Let people decide what is best for them, and explain to them the benefits of childbirth along with the struggles. Go ahead and inform them of their decision before they make it, but the ultimate choice belongs to them. What’s best for me may not be best for you, after all. And life is far too short to control someone else’s life.  Live your own to the fullest and learn how to mind your business. If it’s not dangerous or hurting others then maybe you shouldn’t interfere? Afterall can a fetus even feel pain at 8 weeks? I dont think so. Just my little opinion though of course.

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