Writing Journal Prompt 7

Regarding Immigration Policies, I have read that they are very hard to understand. The system is very complicated and even I don’t understand all the processes necessary to enter a foreign country as a citizen. The depth of information I would have to learn is far too great for a topic I am not interested in, and it almost feels as though they don’t want you to fully understand the process in depth so they can define what it means at that particular moment. It almost gives me the feeling of the constitution where it is interpreted by judges and is very vague to where the common individual cannot decide if their belief is correct on its meaning.


As it currently stands I have no personal relationships with immigration. My family has been in the US forever dating back as far as my family can remember. My great grandparents were here during the times of slavery and never left the country. So for me to reflect on the topic of immigration is difficult because I do not have the emotional obligations to anyone. I have never personally met anyone that has immigrated to my knowledge, but I never really seek this information.

Immigration, in general, seems like a difficult process. As it stands most immigrants could wait a lifetime trying to enter the US, and it has been so difficult some people actually believe its easier to jump the border. I do not think it’s wise to hop the border in any case, but as I said Iv never been in such a situation where maybe you feel it’s worth the risk? Someone that desperate should be given a chance, but I think an extensive examination should be done on immigrants to ensure the safety of the citizens already residing in the country.


Should countries be obligated to accept immigrants? Now that is quite a difficult question. For America, we were built from immigrants and should be more accepting of them. Our ancestors have followed the path these people take today, and I imagine they are experiencing a lot of difficulties entering as it stands. But I wouldn’t say they are obligated to take the immigrants either with all the threat of terrorism nowadays. Its too often that terrorist enters our country with the sole intent to kill innocent people. I would love to say “let in all the good individuals”, but how will we really know? I’m sure a terrorist doesn’t approach the office of registration and say he’s going to blow everyone up. He would likely pretend to be a refugee trying to take shelter here from some crisis, and then attack us from the inside. If we weren’t in war with so many people so often then maybe immigration policies should be loosened, but since that isn’t the case I think its fine where it is and maybe should be increased. I hate to seem like I don’t appreciate immigrants because they have just as much right as anyone else, but how will we protect our current people? They have a right to safety, and I stand behind that belief so long as the immigration policies are fair.


Should anything be changed? I feel for those immigrants that have lived in America for many years should be allowed to stay if their records are clean even if they have ventured in illegally. The reason I feel this way is because they have posed no threat to the American people and might have started family’s that we don’t want to separate. A child on American soil is considered an American correct? What will we do then? Separate a mother back to her home country and prevent her child from leaving with her because they are an American citizen? We need better systems in order to protect families of good people that pay their bills, support American stores, have jobs, and support the American way of life. These to me are our people and they feel as though they themselves are already American. My only problem with immigrants are the ones breaking the laws, starting gangs, and committing acts of terrorism. Regarding the rest of the immigrants, I feel like they have proven they are American enough to stay here and live out their life like the rest of us. In our country built from immigrants of all around the world.

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